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not press his overall body together with her two palms. It looked so agency, and each whit dwelling. And he would Allow other girls, why not her? Suddenly he commenced into lifetime. It manufactured her quiver Pretty much with terror as he quickly pushed the hair off his forehead and arrived toward her. “Fifty percent-previous eight!” he stated. “We’d superior buck up. Wherever’s your French?” Miriam shyly and fairly bitterly created her workout-ebook. Every single 7 days she wrote for him a sort of diary of her inner lifetime, in her very own French. He experienced uncovered this was the only real way to get her to carry out compositions. And her diary was largely a like-letter. He would go through it now; she felt as though her soul’s record were being likely to be desecrated by him in his existing mood. He sat beside her. She watched his hand, organization and heat, rigorously scoring her get the job done. He was looking through just the French, ignoring her soul that was there. But slowly his hand forgot its do the job. He study in silence, motionless. She quivered.% “ ‘Ce matin les oiseaux m’ont eveille,’ “ he go through. “ ‘Il faisait encore un crepuscule. Mais la petite fenetre de ma chambre etait bleme, et puis, jaune, et tous les oiseaux du bois eclaterent dans un chanson vif et resonnant.

Quickly there was a heap of twisted black pages, all of that remained with the file of scented letters, besides that Paul had thirty or forty fairly tickets through the corners of your notepaper—swallows and ignore-me-nots and ivy sprays. And William went to London, to start out a new everyday living.%

had been of cleanse, chilly blue. Paul lay on his again during the aged grass, searching up. He couldn't bear to take a look at Miriam. She seemed to want him, and he resisted. He resisted continuously. He preferred now to offer her enthusiasm and tenderness, and he couldn't. He felt that she required the soul out of his body, rather than him. All his power and energy she drew into herself via some channel which united them. She did not want to satisfy him, to make sure that there have been two of these, guy and lady with each other. She wanted to draw all of him into her. It urged him to an intensity like madness, which fascinated him, as drug-using may possibly.% He was talking about Michael Angelo. It felt to her like she ended up fingering the incredibly quivering tissue, the incredibly protoplasm of lifestyle, as she heard him. It gave her deepest satisfaction. And ultimately it frightened her. There he lay within the white intensity of his search, and his voice little by little stuffed her with fear, so stage it had been, Virtually inhuman, as if inside of a trance.

바울도 그리스도의 복음이 모든 종족의 벽을 허문다는 것과 모든 사람들이 그리스도 안에서 한 형제자매임을 강조한다.

산스크리트 학의 전통은 파리에서 부르누에 의해서 시작되었으며, 그의 학문적 제자들에게 의해 계속되게 된다.

Targets: The target of the review was to research the possible outcomes of environmental cadmium (Cd)

Mrs. Morel took off her bonnet. The kids waited in silence.% “Of course, he is lousy,” she continued, “and he might be. It’s an incredible shock, and he’s misplaced lots of blood; and, naturally, it is an extremely perilous smash. It’s under no circumstances guaranteed that it will mend so very easily. And afterwards there’s the fever and the mortification—if it took negative approaches he’d quickly be long gone. But there, he’s a cleanblooded man, with superb healing flesh, and so I see no motive why it should really choose lousy strategies. Of course there’s a wound—” She was pale now with emotion and nervousness. The 3 kids realised that it absolutely was pretty terrible for their father, and your home was silent, anxious. “But he normally will get superior,” mentioned Paul after a while. “That’s what I convey to him,” mentioned the mother. Most people moved about in silence. “And he genuinely appeared practically carried out for,” she stated. “Nevertheless the Sister claims that's the ache.” Annie took away her mom’s coat and bonnet.

Mrs. Morel beloved her marketing. From the very small market place-area on the top from the hill, wherever four streets, from Nottingham and Derby, Ilkeston and Mansfield, fulfill, lots of stalls were erected. Brakes ran in from bordering villages. The industry-area was whole of girls, the streets full of Adult men. It was wonderful to discover a great number of men all over the place inside the streets. Mrs. Morel ordinarily quarrelled with her lace lady, sympathised along with her fruit guy—who was a gabey, but his wife was a foul ‘un—laughed Together with the fish guy—who was a scamp but so droll—place the linoleum person in his place, was cold with the odd-wares guy, and only went into the crockery person when she was pushed—or drawn because of the cornflowers on a bit dish; then she was coldly polite.% “I questioned the amount of that minor dish was,” she said. “Sevenpence to you personally.” “Thank you.” She set the dish down and walked absent; but she could not depart the marketplace devoid of it.

The two sat chatting for a long time, when suddenly the boy rose, saying: “Very well, I’ll be going and viewing if my mom desires an errand doing.” He pretended being completely cheerful, and didn't convey to his Pal what ailed him. Then he ran indoors.% Morel at these situations arrived in churlish and hateful. “This can be a awesome time to come property,” stated Mrs. Morel. “Wha’s it make a difference to yo’ what time I arrive whoam?” he shouted. And Most people in the house was nevertheless, simply because he was risky. He ate his food in the most brutal manner doable, and, when he had performed, pushed many of the pots inside a heap far from him, to lay his arms about the table. Then he went to sleep. Paul hated his father so. The collier’s little, signify head, with its black hair a little soiled with gray, lay around the bare arms, along with the deal with, soiled and inflamed, that has a fleshy nose and slender, paltry brows, was turned sideways, asleep with beer and weariness and nasty mood.

앞에서 본 것과 같이 제이차세계대전 이전의 서구 학계에서 불교에 대한 연구는 불교 문헌도 읽을 줄 아는 산스크리트 학자들 (때로는 중국학자들)에 의해 수행되어 왔다는 점에서, 불교학은 인도학의 후예라 할 수 있다. 그러나 이들 학자들에 의해 이루어진 번역과 연구물들은 학자들 세계 안에서만 통용된 것이 more info 아니었다.

또한 편견의 대상은 개인일 수도 혹은 어느 집단일 수도 있다. 그 대상이 개인일 경우에는 그 개인의 성격, 품위, 인격, 행동 등에 대해서 이미 주입된 견해를 가지고 있으므로 정확한 “옳고 그름”이나 “선악”의 판단 능력을 상실하게 되는 것이다. 지나친 긍정적 편견은 옹호(두둔), 친절, 관용 등의 가능성이 있는 한편, 지나친 부정적 편견은 비난, 미움, 방관, 배타, 비관용 등의 현상으로 나타날 수 있다.

The next day she went right down to see his mom.% “Didn’t you purchase the household furniture for Walter?” she requested. “Indeed, I did,” tartly retorted the elder female. “And simply how much did he Provide you to purchase it?” The elder lady was stung with fantastic indignation. “Eighty pound, in case you’re so keen on knowin’,” she replied. “Eighty lbs! But you can find forty-two lbs even now owing!” “I'm able to’t help that.” “But in which has everything long gone?” “You’ll obtain many of the papers, I feel, for those who glimpse—beside ten pound as he owed me, an’ six pound given that the marriage Value down listed here.” “6 kilos!” echoed Gertrude Morel. It appeared to her monstrous that, immediately after her possess father had paid out so greatly for her marriage ceremony, six kilos far more should have been squandered in eating and ingesting at Walter’s mothers and fathers’ property, at his price.

“And also have you advised your people today?” she questioned. “I've informed my mom.” There was A different lengthy interval of silence.% “Then what Do you need?” she requested. “Why, I want us to independent. We have lived on each other these a long time; now allow us to stop. I'll go my very own way with no you, and you will go your way with out me. You'll have an impartial life of your individual then.” There was in it some reality that, Despite her bitterness, she couldn't assistance registering. She knew she felt within a type of bondage to him, which she hated due to the fact she could not control it. She hated her enjoy for him from The instant it grew much too sturdy for her. And, deep down, she experienced hated him mainly because she beloved him and he dominated her. She had resisted his domination.

또한 불교의 연구는 신학교에서 대학으로 옮겨오게 되었다. 또 대학에 종교학과가 생기게 되었고 많은 경우는 신학교의 모델을 따서 교수들이 구약, 신학, 교회사, 근대 종교 사상, 윤리학, 또는 ‘세계종교’ 등의 강의를 개설하였다. 그런데 불교가 갖는 범 아시아적 시각 때문에 대학에서 ‘세계종교’를 가르치는 자리는 때로 불교 학자들이 차지하곤 했다.

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